135mm aerolite centurion

The 135mm Aerolite is one of the most popular insulation products in South Africa. It’s SANS compliant with an R-value of 3.38 and an 11.5kg density.

A typical un-insulated home gains or loses up to 35% of its energy through the ceiling.

The net result is a home that is uncomfortably hot in summer and cold in winter.



The 135mm Aerolite is SABS approved ceiling insulation which will be effective for over 30 years. During the summer when it’s hot it will reduce the amount of heat penetrating through the roof by up to 83%. Aerolite insulates your ceiling and dramatically slows down heat loss or gain resulting in a comfortable home.

In the winter months, it will stop the heat generated indoors from escaping through the ceiling. The heat will circulate indoors allowing it to warm up faster and stay warm for longer periods of time. Reducing the amount of energy required to warm up the area.




  • Thickness: 135mm Aerolite
  • Width: 1.2m
  • Length: 5m
  • Area Roll: 6m2
  • Product R-value: 3.38
  • Installed R-Value: 3.78
  • Density: 11.5Kg
  • SANS compliant
  • SABS approved
  • Fire Rating: A/1 Non-Combustible




  • Lifelong energy savings.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Exceptional thermal and acoustic properties.
  • Safe application and use.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Long product life – will not readily age.
  • SABS mark (SABS 1381 part 1).
  • Compression packed to reduce volume and optimise transportation.
  • Not combustible, Class 1 Fire Rating.




  • No Health risk
  • Non-combustible – tested to SANS 10177-5
  • SANS 428 fire classification – A/A1/1
  • EN 13501 fire classification – A1

Unlike many competitive products that claim limited combustibility, it’s a certified non-combustible product which means it won’t burn, smoke, or melt in a fire as it’s made from glass wool. It has exceptional acoustic insulation properties; it enhances your indoor environment by absorbing noise from the inside and outside. Read more on Knauf VS Aerolite.