Knauf insulation uses ECOSE Technology to offer a superior insulation product. It uses cutting edge technology better than any insulation you’ve ever used. Knauf is odourless, easy to cut and feels softer. Its a new insulation product in South Africa, but very well known worldwide.

Made by the Germans, and used throughout the world as the next generation earth wool insulation. If you are considering going the fibreglass route with insulation, then this product is definitely worth looking at. It has all the advantages of traditional fibreglass insulation products. additionally, it has been enhanced with ECOSE technology. Delivering a more eco-friendly product than what South African homeowners have become accustomed too.


Its a new and evolutionary formaldehyde-free bonding technology. Based on using recyclable materials instead of chemicals in the product. It ensures enhanced environmental sustainability and causes a reduction in embodied energy. This was initially developed for rock and glass mineral wool insulation. Later becoming useful for different products where resin-substitution was needed.


Knauf insulation is equipped with ECOSE Technology comes in a brown colour. It has no artificial additives or dyes in order to ensure high levels of sustainability. The brown colour is natural and represents prolonged handling never seen before.

Earthwool insulation is eco-friendly. Manufactured from biologically occurring materials. Bonded with bio-based technology that does not contain any phenols, formaldehyde, acrylics, bleach, dyes and artificial colours.


Knauf greatly improves indoor air quality. While reducing environmental effects such as pollution from energy usage. It is cost-effective ceiling insulation that is ideal for use in buildings and other physical structures.

Knauf insulation is traditional mineral wool that delivers all the benefits associated with natural material. It is fire-resistant, absorbs sound, offers acoustical insulation and has great thermal and mechanical insulation properties. It is recyclable with unyielding durability.


It creates an exceptionally strong bond. This is achieved by converting natural materials into static polymers using a proprietary procedure. A Binder is what enables the bonding in Knauf insulation. The process is similar to that performed by phenol-formaldehyde binders in standard mineral wool insulation products.

It binds fibres while offering the strength, resiliency and durability required for the insulation industry. This evolutional scientific innovation eliminates the need for phenols and formaldehyde. These are found in other traditional binders that are used in different industrial procedures.


The market response to this insulation material has been overwhelming. Different technical professionals have attributed its success largely to sustainability, resilience and durability in the building and construction industry.

An increasing number of building projects and repairs are referring to Knauf for their insulation requirements. In addition, project managers and contractors are switching to earthwool products because of their superiority handling which is better than standard glass mineral wool products.


Knauf insulation products with ECOSE Technology are not expensive. In fact, they come at similar prices to traditional mineral wool. They deliver greater value at the same cost.


Knauf insulation mineral wool is sustainable because they are recyclable. Which saves a lot of energy use that is required to make it. These products have greater sustainability because:

  1. They are made from naturally occurring materials; bonded with bio-based technology that is free from phenols, formaldehyde, acrylics, artificial colours and dyes like found in aerolite.
  2. They improve indoor air quality in buildings, much different to other types of mineral wool because of the non-presence of phenol and formaldehyde.
  3. They use up to 70 per cent less energy than other traditional binders and with that reducing impact on the environment.
  4. Emissions and other pollutants in the workplace are greatly reduced, and overall structural integrity is sustained.
  5. They are cost-effective when compared to other traditional mineral wool. Achieving greater and enhanced efficiency at the same cost as mineral wool.


The development of the technology went through five years of research, testing and development. During that time, the products underwent immense and thorough evaluation in order to determine environmental impact and efficiency in use.

Research tests have concluded that products with ECOSE Technology are better performers and are more effective than other standard counterparts. Knauf insulation products are newer, more efficient and they are in compliance with industrial safety regulations.


These kinds of insulation products perform much better than other fibreglass products in South Africa. Product strength is greatly improved. Traditional products that are made of low tensile materials.

Improved durability basically means the product has a prolonged lifespan. In the case of insulation that uses this Ttechnology, it has greater strength and efficiency than those without. It also serves as an advantage because; you don’t need to constantly replace your insulation which saves money in the long-run.