The roof cavity can accumulate a lot of dust with time. Which can get into the living area through cornices and downlights. Insulation removal and roof vacuuming before installing new insulation products is something to consider. Although it’s not always the first thing on your mind.

Dust can pose a health risk to the occupants. More so, asthmatic people or those who suffer from other dust-related allergies. Dust removal might be crucial for good health.

The dust might also be contaminated with lead, vermin droppings, and carcasses. An insulation’s shelf life reduces due to the effect of UV rays penetrating the roof. Additionally, as insulation ages, it starts to shed tiny airborne particles which can have a negative medical implication.






The ceiling cavity traps a lot of vermin faecal waste and dead leaves. When cleaning the ceiling cavity, you have to remove old insulation. Other reasons for the removal of insulation include:


  • During house renovations involving the removal of the ceiling to avoid fine particles falling off from the insulation.
  • Insulation becomes a health hazard due to the expansion of pellets containing the highly carcinogenic, urea-formaldehyde.
  • When you want to rewire your house and want to create enough space for the electricians to avoid being charged a high rate for the work due to working in a confined space.
  • Cleaning the roof to get rid of dust to create a conducive living environment more so, if you have a history with allergies.
  • When replacing the old insulation with a new one. New batts should never be place installed on old ones.
  • During pest extermination. Rats and carpet beetles love to make nests and excrete on insulation panels.
  • Electrical safety. Old homes with loose ceiling insulation are only allowed to use 13-amps power circuits which are bound to trip easily when overloaded. Homeowners can avoid this problem by replacing the loose insulation with batts that can accommodate 16 or 20 amps power circuits.



Powerful industrial vacuums can be used for dust removal, lead particles, and rubbish that is stuck on your home’s insulation material. Ingestion of lead can lead to lead poisoning. Young children are more susceptible to lead poisoning since they absorb over 50% through the breathing of contaminated air. Lead cannot be smelt, seen, or tasted.


Many homes have for a long time been having ineffective ceiling insulation resulting from damage from animals that live within the ceiling cavity. We use a high-powered industrial vacuum system and trained personnel for cellulose fibre insulation removal for a clean and comfortable living environment.

We get rid of the dangers associated with the cellulose fibre insulation removal all-round the year. Ineffective insulation should be immediately replaced since its material can release harmful particles. Your roof should also be periodically maintained after every five years.

Our cellulose fibre insulation removal methods have proved to be safe. We use a specialized industrial insulation vacuum system when removing old material in your property. Ensure that no dust seeps through to the living area of your property. We also ensure good housekeeping of the work area and waste disposal once the work is done leaving the space between your roof spotlessly clean and ready for any upgrade.